Meyer Lemon Infused Olive Oil


Extra-Virgin olive oil is infused with natural lemon flavoring to create this always popular olive oil. Great on seafood, chicken and for all kinds of cooking. Especially great in the spring and summer.  Naturally flavored extra virgin olive oil that features the refreshing, honest taste of real lemon. This light, aromatic olive oil is perfect for the Spring and Summer. The perfect way to spruce up a summer salad or as a surprising bread dip!

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Fruity citrus refreshing flavor. Excellent for seafood, chicken and fresh greens. Our favorite is drizzled over grilled asparagus and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Superb sautéed with shellfish. A great all around finishing touch to most dishes.

Pairs perfectly with so many different balsamic vinegar flavors.

All bottles include a pour cap.

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60ml, 200ml, 375ml, 750ml


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